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Finland is a developed country in which almost everything has been digitised. People in Finland cannot survive without electricity, mobile phones, or social media, among other essential social amenities. Today, every Finn has embraced digital devices, making it attractive for entrepreneurs to venture into digital entrepreneurship.

The fact that Finland is a developed country, as well as its size and geographical location, makes it easy to invest in it. However, the entrepreneurship level is still lower than the one depicted by people in Silicon Valley and California. That's why Finnish entrepreneurs need to research and improve their skills.

Entertainment on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter

For remarkable business success and sustainability, an entrepreneur must have a passion for their venture. When an entrepreneur can provide what is missing in the market with passion, their businesses will run seamlessly with an opportunity to maximise profits without any significant struggles.

A big portion of the Finnish population has access to mobile phones and computers, making Finland a good target for online ventures. An entrepreneur with enthusiasm in eCommerce or digital content would more likely have an easy time actualising their ventures. For example, a musician or dancer can leverage social media to maximise their returns, both locally and internationally.

The entrepreneur must understand the market or the target population

The entrepreneur needs to conduct some research to get a clear understanding of the available market. The are several methods an entrepreneur can use to get information about a market gap.

The entrepreneur must understand the market gap, either a missing service, high prices, or a shortage. In our case, the most applicable market gap is a missing or deficiency of service. The entrepreneur must again understand the size and type of market.

In Finland, most young people would love to see any content that is posted on YouTube. A young population is favourable for digital entrepreneurship.

Advertisement, entertainment, marketing, tutoring

  • Many people in Finland have not internalised the aspect of digital entrepreneurship and its importance. There are many avenues with good returns available.
  • There are profits in digital entrepreneurship.

Online casinos are a booming business in Finland. For any entrepreneur to succeed in Finland, one must research the many existing businesses in the country. Embrace the good features of the already existing businesses and focus on the weaknesses. Starting a business is capital intensive, but the rewards can be impressive.

The entrepreneur must have a solid plan for advertising his or her business to be competitive with the already established companies. The entrepreneur should come up with something unique to distinguish his business from others to attract and retain a reliable number of customers.

Good knowledge in entrepreneurship and digital skills

  • Bachelor's degree in business management or entrepreneurship.
  • Information technology, computer science, communication skills.

For anybody to become a successful digital entrepreneur in Finland, one must possess particular skills in business and technology. The digital entrepreneur has a good command of entrepreneurship skills together with some information technology knowledge.

Thus, it will be much easier for the person to generate ideas and plans to set up a business in Finland. Most of the country's population is educated and will readily embrace any business that incorporates digital skills and high innovation levels.

The entrepreneur must, therefore, ensure top-notch technology is incorporated in the business to gain a competitive advantage over market rivals.

Bertoli Digital

Rémy Bertoli, the founder of Bertoli Digital, is an excellent example of success stories in Finland. Bertoli opened Bertoli Digital, and his story has been unique.

The man had to fail in other areas of life, such as in studies, to pave the way for discovering digital entrepreneurship. He was a medical student but did not make it to graduation.

Studying medicine was not his passion. Instead he turned to creating websites and online content. He loves creating online content, expressing himself, and developing websites. He is living proof that digital entrepreneurship is a worthy venture to try.

Being a Finnish digital entrepreneur has many advantages

  1. Interaction with impressive talents
  2. Good infrastructure
  3. Balance between life and work
  4. Available customers
  5. Access to investors
  6. External support

To start a business in Finland is the best thing due to the availability of customers in a minimal geographical area. Many people would love to launch their business in Finland as the site to be covered in advertising is small, and the customers are plentiful.

The entrepreneur will receive support from the government, the private sector, and well-wishers, of which there are many in Finland. The entrepreneur will have the advantage of interacting with many talented individuals, thus growing his or her skills.

The other benefit is the well-established infrastructure in Finland enabling the entrepreneur to get a good life.

100,000$ to 500,000$

Digital entrepreneurship is a well-paying job if taken with the level of seriousness it deserves. Entrepreneurs have been reported to earn more than $100 in a day. This is a lot of money, taking into consideration the amount of input.

People have realised the advantages of digital entrepreneurship and are embracing it. The rewards are high, yet the input required is considerably small. The entrepreneur has time to do other work and take care of his or her family.

Most of the online platforms in Finland are paying good money. As such, a dedicated entrepreneur with a vision will succeed in Finland.

Tips to become a successful Finnish Digital Entrepreneur