Wednesday. 17.04.2024

Finland is a beautiful country. We believe that this place should get more attention from travelers because it has everything – historical sites, untouched nature, tall mountains, and northern lights. But if you have decided to spend a weekend in Finland, you are in for a real treat.

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So if you want to experience the Nordic culture and explore Finland, here are some ideas for you:

Visit a lighthouse

Finland’s coast is dotted with islands, and many of them have gorgeous lighthouses that are worth visiting. For instance, Bengtskär lighthouse is located just 25 kilometers south of Hanko. It is the tallest lighthouse in all Nordic countries.

Tourists come here all year round and often stay in the hotel rooms within the lighthouse itself.

If you happen to visit Helsinki for a weekend, you could tour the Söderskär lighthouse. It is just a bit over one hour away from the capital.

Visitors can enjoy a stunning view from the top of this lighthouse and get a cup of tea or coffee while they are there.

Discover Olavinlinna

Constructed in the 15th century, Olavinlinna is the main tourist attraction in Savonlinna.

This castle has three towers, and it is situated on a rock in the middle of a lake. The surrounding water provided more protection from potential invaders back in the day. Reaching the castle is an adventure itself since you have to cross several wooden bridges to get there.

Olavinlinna is the place to be for those of you who love to explore on your own. From gorgeously decorated chapels to long staircases – you can spend hours getting to know this place.

History buffs can go to the Castle Museum and see various artifacts connected to the history of this place. On the other hand, Orthodox Museum features exhibits of icons and frescoes from both Finland and Russia.

Meet Santa Clause

If Christmas is your favorite holiday, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit Rovaniemi. Here you will find the winter wonderland that lasts all year round.

Rovaniemi is home to Santa Clause and Mrs Clause, and all visitors have a chance to meet them. Mrs Clause can also teach you how to make perfect Christmas desserts.

You can get into the Christmas spirit even in the middle of summer, thanks to various activities offered by the helpful elves. For instance, visitors can learn calligraphy and even write a Christmas letter to Santa right on the spot.

Spend an afternoon at Lake Saimaa

Even though Finland has hundreds of gorgeous lakes, make sure you drop by Lake Saimaa. It is the biggest lake in Finland, and the scenery is otherwordly.

This body of water has the longest lake coastline in the world and more than thirteen thousand islands. If you wish to experience an authentic weekend in Finland, rent a cabin at Lake Saimaa.

It is an ideal place if you love to be active during your travels. The dense forest that surrounds the lake features hiking trails that go all around this body of water.

Mountain biking is also popular in the area. Renting a boat and cruising the waterways of Lake Saimaa is a unique experience itself. You will get to enjoy the clear water and untouched nature of this magical place up close.

A weekend in Finland: Experience the Nordic culture