Monday. 27.05.2024

The Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez (PSOE, social democrat), announced on Thursday in Parliament the approval next week of a new plan of measures aimed at lowering the energy bill of 40% of the country's households.

The plan involves allocating 3,000 million euros to a package of measures, among which there is a new aid to families that are part of neighborhood communities with a centralized natural gas boiler.

The head of the Spanish government estimates that 1.7 million households will benefit from savings of over 50% of the gas bill.

According to Sánchez, the coalition government's plan also includes a reinforcement of the electricity social bonus, increasing the discounts applied to vulnerable families; and an improvement in the thermal social bonus, by doubling the budget dedicated to it in the 2022 and 2023 financial years.

Pedro Sánchez highlighted the energy proposals promoted by the government he heads. He also highlighted that Spain leads the response to Putin's threat in the EU.

"The European countries follow the path that we have opened," he underlined, emphasizing that the Russian president "is not winning the war (in Ukraine)."

Sanchez announces plan to lower energy bill of 40% of Spanish households