Wednesday. 17.04.2024

Find rides at your doorstep, get away for the weekend or offset your costs when you commute between cities.

Book yourself a ticket to wherever in Europe. Carpooling, car sharing and leasing. With Gomore it has never been cheaper and easier. It is carpooling the smart way!

Publish or book your ride in seconds. Book. Meet. Go. One click and you'll have the ride to your desired destination.

Gomore's concept is connecting drivers with empty seats to people traveling the same way. Maybe for a road trip or just a short trip in your own country. Gomore really is an alternative and fun way to travel.

You can share a car, find a ride or offer a ride. You can decide who goes with you on the journey and you can adjust your posted ride whether you accept for example smokers, dogs, kids and the size of the bag which can fit into your car.

There is more than one way to share a car. When we drive together, we share more than just the ride. Carpooling is a great way to get to know other people heading to the same destination. Who knows who you'll meet on the way to your final destination. Maybe even your future travel buddy? But it is also possible to just go easily from A to B.

Gomore is not only for backpackers and adventurers but for everyone. It doesn't matter if you commute between two cities and want to offset your ride costs or you can use it as a travel alternative. With Gomore you can share cars your way. 

Save money and save CO2

But not only is Gomore an easy option for traveling. It’s often way cheaper than taking the train and especially going by car by yourself. By using Gomore you are not only saving money, besides that it’s easy and cheap, you also contribute to the environment!

Cars are a major contributor to global climate change. Gomore has a function where you can calculate and see how much kg CO2 you have already saved. Gomore helps people sharing cars and helps taking care of our planet.

When driving often not all seats are in use, this is simply not good enough. By sharing cars, less people need to own a car. By doing so we reduce CO2 emissions and lower our CO2 footprint. Together we can save CO2 by sharing and leasing. It’s a win-win for everyone and a way of helping to make a little change.

Carpooling for everyone