Friday. 02.06.2023

The world awaits the final swing state results

There are around 38 states that are often predictable in US elections. Then there are the swing states, that often change their loyalties and decide who the next president will be.

The world has perhaps never been so invested in a US election as they are in 2020. As we wait for the results to be officially announced, we do know that swing states have always been important in deciding who the next president of the United States is going to be.

Throughout history, the swing states have been known to vote for different parties, changing their loyalties when they need to. It is important to also understand how the electoral college works in order to choose the next president, as the results of the 2020 election are almost here.

The swing states to watch

There are around 38 states that are often predictable in US elections. Indeed, they tend to vote for the same party every election. They are referred to as blue states for the Democrats, while the Republican party has the red states. Then there are the swing states that have a lot of power and often decide who the next president is going to be.

A lot of the swing states in the 2020 US election have already cast their vote and the results have been announced. But there are a few left where counting is still taking place. This means that the president has not been officially announced yet. For those that like to play on casino NetBet, you may wonder what the odds are this year. Well, the swing states look like they are turning blue for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

The states we are waiting on are Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Alaska, Michigan and North Carolina. They are in the later stages of counting. Currently, Donald Trump is leading in North Carolina and Alaska. However, Biden looks to be leading in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada so far in the count.

The electoral college

It is essential to understand how the electoral college works in order to understand what is happening in the United States.

A candidate requires 270 electoral college votes in order to become the next president. Each state is given a number based on its population. For example, if a candidate wins a lot of votes in Georgia, they receive 16 electoral college votes. Due to a lesser population, if they win in Utah, they only receive 6 electoral college votes.

Therefore, a lot of candidates are tactical when it comes to campaigning, choosing the swing states and those with a higher number of votes.

So far, Joe Biden has flipped a lot of red states and turned them blue. This has included swing states and it could win him the election in 2020. This has included Arizona, which has been red every year since 1957 except for 1996.

The predictions are that Joe Biden will win the presidency based on the way the votes are currently going. However, it is more a question of when the results will be announced and whether they are going to be legally challenged by Donald Trump in the future.

The world awaits the final swing state results