Tuesday. 18.06.2024

Spain's employment situation continued to improve in September, a generally not good month in terms of work market statistics due to the end of the summer campaign, which also causes the end of thousands of work contracts in the tourism sector.

According to fresh data published by the government on Monday, the number of unemployed people registered with the offices of the public employment services (SEPE) in September fell by 76,113 people (-2.28%) compared to the previous month.

This decrease in the number of unemployed breaks the usual upward trend of September.

However, the total number of people registered on the official unemployment lists is still high, 3,257,802.

With the September data, unemployment adds up to seven consecutive months of falls, in which the total record has decreased by 750,987 people.

Spain had not had seven consecutive months of declines since 2000. And even so, the reduction in 2021 is more than triple that registered two decades ago (-201,649).

Unemployment down in all sectors

In year-on-year terms, there are 518,683 (-13.73%) less unemployed people than in September 2020.

Unemployment declines in all sectors of activity compared to August.

Industry, agriculture and construction already have a lower level of registered unemployment at the beginning of the pandemic, highlights the government.

However, unemployment among young people under 25 years of age rose in September by 5,838 people (2.38%) compared to the previous month.

Permanent contracts

In September, the Canary Islands was the region in which unemployment fell the most, both in absolute and relative terms (- 8.8%).

Unemployment fell in 12 regions, among which the Canary Islands (-20,699), Catalonia (-12,658), Castilla La Mancha (-10,720) and Castilla León (-10,281) stand out.

The number of employment contracts registered in September was 1,923,846. Of these, 216,688 were permanent contracts.

The rest are fixed-term contracts.

Unemployment in Spain down by 76,113 people, adds 7 months of falls