Tuesday. 05.12.2023

Spain's unemployment level reached below 3 million for the first time since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008, the labour ministry said Thursday.

The number of unemployed fell by 99,512 from the previous month to 2.9 million in May.

Compared to the last year, unemployment decreased by 0.86 million.

Registered unemployment decreased in all economic sectors in April, while in services it was down 64,230 and by 10,008 in construction.

Unemployment in agriculture dropped 8,693 and the decline in industry was 7,968.

Youth unemployment

Among youth aged below 25, unemployment decreased by 21,973 or 9.9% from the previous month, data showed.

Youth unemployment declined to 199,920, which was the lowest figure in the historical series.

Spain's unemployment falls below 3 million for first time since 2008