Sunday. 05.02.2023

Spain unemployment declined for the sixth straight month in August, data from the labor ministry showed Thursday. The number of people out of work decreased by 82,583 in August, after falling 197,841 in the previous month.

The latest fall was the biggest for the month of August. Compared to the same month in 2020, unemployment decreased 468,899, or -12.33 per cent.

The ministry said the registered unemployment usually rises in August due to the decrease in activity in many sectors during the holiday period. Since February, unemployment has accumulated a reduction of 675,000.

Registered unemployment decreased in all sectors except construction, where registration was up 1,139.

The services sector showed the biggest drop of 46,224 fewer people, followed by the agricultural sector with 13,499 fewer people registered as unemployed.

Youth unemployment

Unemployment in industry fell 1,126.

Registered unemployment among youth aged below 25 fell 17,120 or 6.52 per cent from the previous month.

Spain unemployment continues to decline