Tuesday. 25.06.2024

The start of the 2022 Income Tax (IRPF, in its Spanish acronym) return campaign, which corresponds to the 2021 financial year, is just around the corner.

Taxpayers will be able to submit their tax returns from 6 April, but the Spanish tax authority (Agencia Tributaria) already allows access to personal tax data through its website.

Said information includes data such as the taxpayer's fiscal domicile, their bank accounts, salary, donations, economic activities or the contribution system.

The advantage of consulting these data relevant to the result of the income tax return in advance is that, in the event of an error, it can be corrected before filing the return.

Taxpayers who wish to check the tax information that the tax authority has gathered about them can do so from the tax authority's website, by clicking on 'Accede a Renta 2021'.

Once inside, the user must look for the section 'Gestiones Destacadas' and then click on the link 'Datos fiscales.'

In order to access personal data, the taxpayer must identify himself. There are three ways to do this: the electronic DNI, the Cl@ve PIN or the reference number.

How to access the system

With the electronic certificate or DNI you can carry out procedures with the Spanish administration from any computer or mobile device. The new Spanish IDs incorporate electronic certificates that allow any procedure with the Tax Agency that requires identification.

The Cl@ve PIN is a system aimed at unifying electronic access to public services. Before using it, the user must register online. You can do it with an electronic certificate or DNI, or you can also do it online through a letter of invitation (you must request the letter and once received, register in Cl@ve using the Secure Verification Code that appears in the letter and provide the mobile phone number and email address electronically). Finally, users can also register at the offices of the Tax Agency.

Once the registration has been made, then the Cl@ave PIN to access the system can be requested each time a procedure is to be carried out.

Taxpayers can also access the Tax Authority system with a reference number. To use this authentication and identification mechanism, the taxpayer needs to have the previous year's Income Tax return on hand.

The system will ask users to enter the amount from box 505 of the 2020 income statement. Users must enter previously their DNI/NIE and then the validity date.

If the taxpayer had not filed an Income Tax return in 2020 or the result of box 505 had been equal to zero, they must have the IBAN number of a bank account in which they appear as the account holder.

The Tax Agency allows selecting the option 'I don't have a reference' to obtain a new one. Tax data can also be consulted via mobile with the Tax Agency App.

IRPF 2022: Check your tax data before submitting the Income Tax return