Thursday. 28.09.2023

You may have just lost your full-time job. And, like many other people in Spain - nationals, but also of foreign origin - you may be wondering if it is possible to reconcile the collection of a public unemployment subsidy with the salary of a part-time job.

The answer is yes, both are compatible, although certain conditions must be met. A basic requirement is the one that affects the amount of salary to be received from the job.

The fundamental requirement is that the income obtained through part-time employment cannot exceed 75% of the Spanish minimum salary (SMI). Currently, that amount would be 723.75 euros per month.

When a worker wants to complete his salary from a part-time job with the unemployment subsidy, he has to request the compatibility of both before the Public Employment Public Services (SEPE, in its Spanish acronym). To do so there are some deadlines, in which days of subsidy could be lost.

For example, if the combination is requested during the first 15 days of work, the compatibility will be received in full and no day will be lost. If it is done later, it will start counting from the day of the request.

How to carry out the procedure

The procedure can be carried out through the SEPE website in the pre-application form, where the applicant must write their DNI/NIE and the reason for the application, which will be the pre-application for individual benefit.

Once inside the system, the applicant must select the sub-process 'Part-time work compatibility' and fill in the rest of the fields with personal data, contact information and the account number to receive the subsidy.

How to combine the Spanish unemployment benefit with a part-time job