Tuesday. 21.05.2024

The Social Security registered 2,204,054 foreign contributors in August, once discounting the calendar differences and the seasonality factor.

This is an increase of 43,822 employed compared to July, that is, 2.03% more, according to figures released by the Spanish government.

In August, the level of foreign employment prior to the impact of the pandemic was exceeded.

The people of foreign origin who work in the country represents 11.31% of the total number of contributors to the Social Security system.

In terms of average affiliation, Social Security had 2,220,097 foreign contributors in August, of which 780,349 came from EU countries (35.15%) and 1,439,748, from third countries (64.85%).

The largest groups of employed foreigners were those from Romania (324,462), Morocco (263,550), Italy (140,747) and China (104,339). Together, these workers represented an average of 11.40% of the total.

Main sectors of employment

Of these foreign workers, 56.38% were men (1,251,707), while 43.62% were women (968,390).

The sectors that add the most foreign contributors are Household Activities (6.04%), Hospitality (3.11%), Health Activities (3.10%), Administrative activities and auxiliary services (1.72%) and Supply of Water and Sanitation Activities (1.48%).

The number of registered self-employed foreigners recorded a slight decrease (0.03%) in the last month, and the total fell to 382,113.

Foreign workers exceed 11% of contributors to Spanish Social Securirty