Monday. 25.09.2023

Bad news for the self-employed ('autonomos') in Spain.

The next year will bring an increase in the monthly fees paid by freelancers and other self-employed workers, if Parliament approves the State Budget project, which has just begun its processing in the lower house.

As it is right now, the budget bill says that the self-employed will see their monthly fees increase in 2022.

According to the current draft budget, the minimum contribution base for the self-employed will increase 944.40 euros to 960.60 euros and the applied contribution rate will increase from 30.30% to 30.60%.

The maximum contribution base will also be increased, from 4,070.10 euros to 4,139.40 euros, also at 30.60%.

The minimum base of the so-called corporate self-employed ('autonomos societarios') also rises, from 1,214.10 to 1,234.86 euros and 30.60%, according to calculations released by the Spanish Association of Self-Employed Workers (ATA).

Around 100 euros a year

In practice, the rise will mean that the 1.8 million self-employed workers who contribute the minimum base will pay about 8 euros a month more in their fees.

The fee to pay for the minimum base will be 293.94 euros per month from the current 286.15, according to figures released by ATA.

The total increase of the quota for the whole year for the contributors of the minimum base will be about 96 euros.

The hike has triggered criticism from the main Spanish self-employed associations (ATA and UPTA).

This is how much the fees for Spanish self-employed will rise in 2022