Tuesday. 28.11.2023

The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, through the EOI Foundation, has launched the Female Entrepreneurship Attraction Program.

The project aims to attract entrepreneurial projects led and managed by women from the European Union to Spain, the central government explained in a statement.

The recipients will be women entrepreneurs who reside in the European Union and who wish to develop their entrepreneurial project in Spain.

At the same time, the program wants to recover Spanish female talent that is abroad as a result of the economic crises of recent years, which led many Spanish professionals to seek better job opportunities outside of Spain. It is intended that part of these women can return to Spain, by offering them training and mentoring.

According to government information, the program is part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and has a budget of 10 million euros for the next three years from European Next Generation-EU funds.

The program aims to support 833 female entrepreneurs.

The government says that one of the objectives is for these women to get to know the Spanish business ecosystem first-hand and to eventually establish business relationships with Spanish entities and invest in Spain, while contributing to the resolution of sectorial challenges in favor of development local Spanish.

Startups Law

The government says that this program to promote female entrepreneurship adds to its efforts to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, reflected in the recent approval of the Bill to promote the ecosystem of emerging companies, dubbed the Startups Law.

The government believes that this regulation to promote innovative entrepreneurship "will make Spain one of the most attractive countries for the creation of startups" and will favor the change of the productive structure in the country, improve the business climate and create employment.

Spain allocates €10 million to attracting European women entrepreneurs