Wednesday 10/20/21

Employers should allow workers to take their own religious holidays, readers say will ask its readers a different question every Friday on its official Twitter account @foreignerfi

Turkey, Istanbul: An exterior view of the Unesco World Heritage Site Hagia Sophia museum. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has signed a decree ordering Istanbul's landmark Hagia Sophia be handed over to the country's religious authority and reopened for Islamic prayers, just over an hour after Turkey's top administrative court overturned a 1934 decree that made the Hagia Sophia a museum and symbol of secularism. Photo: Yasin Akgul/dpa
The Hagia Sophia museum (Turkey) was transformed into a mosque by decree of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Photo: Yasin Akgul/dpa/File photo.

“You have the right to believe the things you want to believe, to have ideas about right and wrong, and to believe in any religion you want. This includes the right to change your religion if you want, and to practice it without anybody interfering” says Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Of course, every religion has some special days and people want to celebrate these days without interruption. In the western world, firms generally give their employers vacations on Christian holidays. In the Middle East, Muslim holidays.

Therefore asked the readers in a Twitter poll: Should employers allow workers to take their own religious holidays, in accordance with their beliefs?

The respondents were given two options which were 'Yes' and ‘No’.

The mini poll was answered by 53 readers and 56.6% of them said ‘Yes’ and 43.4% voted ‘No’.

About the reader’s comments, one reader said, “Good question!”

Although the poll was launched on Twitter, we got one comment from a reader via Facebook:

"As long as they can be earned, or don't affect the total count remarkably, why not? when I start employing people, I'll go for all of them even at the workplace." is going to ask a different question about Finland every Friday on its official Twitter account