Tuesday. 28.11.2023

The Finnish government said on Friday it has given the go-ahead for a 10-billion-euro (11.3-billion-dollar) purchase of 64 fighter jets from US manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

Having evaluated multiple tenders, the Defence Ministry selected the F-35A Lightning II as it scored highest for its military capabilities, according to an official statement.

Altogether the jets will cost around 8.4 billion euros and will replace Finland's current provision of fighter jets, which were supplied by US producer McDonnell Douglas.

Having received approval for the purchase from the government, the Defence Ministry can now proceed with signing a contract with Lockheed Martin.

While not a NATO member, Finland works closely with the alliance and is the EU country with the longest border with Russia.

In addition to the 64 jets, the procurement includes weapons systems, training and maintenance until the end of 2030, the statement added.

Finland announces purchase of 64 fighter jets from US Lockheed Martin