Tuesday 10/26/21

Sanna Marin's Christmas message: "Relax with your loved ones, each in your own way, with your own traditions"

The Government has published the Christmas message from the Prime Minister, which lacks any religious content and only mentions traditions that can by enjoyed by the entire population.
Sanna Marin (centre) heads a Government led by five women. Photo: Laura Kotila/Finnish Government.

The Government Communications Department has published the Christmas message from Prime Minister Sanna Marin, who encourages the people of Finland to relax and enjoy these special holidays with the loved ones, in accordance with the customs and traditions of each one.

Despite Christmas being a Christian holiday, the government's message lacks any religious content.

The Prime Minister only refers to some Finnish traditions that can be enjoyed by the entire population: the street lights and decorations, gingerbread cookies, sauna and Christmas trees, among others. 

Above all, Sanna Marin makes an invitation to spend time with the family. Read below her full speech:

Prime Minister's Christmas message 

Dear friends,

There are just a few days left until Christmas. All around Finland, people are admiring Christmas lights in the streets, attending school Christmas parties and enjoying festive concerts. It’s the season for gingerbread and Christmas decorations in office common rooms.

But we may also have to work long hours to get the last things done before the Christmas break. Many of us will welcome the opportunity to rest after a long year.

I will be among those looking forward to winding down, spending time with my family and getting into the Christmas spirit. Our Christmas traditions include visiting the residents’ sauna in our building, picking up our tree at the Tammelantori square in Tampere, spending time together and singing Christmas carols.

I hope that all of you will get a chance to relax in the company of your loved ones. Each in your own way, with your own traditions.

I wish everyone a very joyful and peaceful Christmas season!