Wednesday. 07.12.2022

Woman arrested for killing boyfriend with kitchen knife

The suspect and the victim have had "a dating relationship," according to police information.
Woman-killer-knife-weapon-kitchen by Pixabay.

Police are investigating a homicide in Varkaus, a municipality located in the Northern Savonia region (East Finland).

According to Police information, a woman born in 1983 was arrested on 4 March suspected of killing a man with a knife.

On Sunday, 1 March, just after 20:30, the Varkaus police station got an assignment from the Emergency Response Center regarding a suspected violent crime which had occurred in a block of flats in the Kommila residential area.

A man born in the 1980s was found on the stairwell of a block of flats with a life-threatening injury made with a bladed weapon. Despite the attempts made by police and paramedics to revive him, the victim died on the landing.

According to information obtained by the police, the woman and the victim have had a dating relationship. The preliminary investigation revealed that they both had a dispute in her apartment before the crime. The weapon used was a kitchen knife.

The suspect has been arrested by a decision of the Northern Savonia District Court.

Woman arrested for killing boyfriend with kitchen knife