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Why you should always notify a move in Finland

Notifying your new address will allow you to receive the mail in your new home immediately and speed up the completion of many procedures before the administration.

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Did you just change your home address or do you plan to do it shortly?

If the answer is yes, then you should know that the laws of Finland require you in some cases to send a notification of move: this is when the change of address is permanent or if -in the cases of temporary moves- if you intend to stay at another place for more than three months.

As a foreigner, this obligation may seem like a nuisance, but the reality is that reporting your new domicile to the Finnish Population System will make life easier for you in several aspects, both in practical and administrative terms. For example, you will be able to receive your mail in your new home immediately and will also allow you to speed up many mandatory procedures before the public administration.

According to the information published by the Local Register Offices or Maistraatti (the state organism in charge of the Population Information System), the notification can be made at the earliest one month in advance. "However, you must take care of that the notification has been received by the local register office within a week of your move at the latest", points out the institution in its website.

The easiest way to submit a notification of change of domicile is by using the Finnish postal authority (Posti) online service. This system works 24 hours a day and you can notify your move by using your online banking codes, an electronic ID card or your own electronic credentials from the system of the postal authority (Posti username).

Fill in a form on paper at the post office

If you do not have access to electronic facilities, you can also report your change of address by filling in a form that you can collect from any post office or local register office (Maistraatti).

The advantages of notifying your move are many. As explained by Maistraatti, when you do it, your address details will be updated simultaneously on the Population Information System maintained by the local register offices as well as the register of the postal authority. This means that if you make your notification properly in advance before you move, any mail will be forwarded to the right address, even if sent to the previous address.

For taxes and voting

Updating your address information will also accelerate the handling of other matters before public administrations, without the need for other procedures. For example, it will help you regularize your situation both in your previous municipality and in the new one. It will also make your taxes go to the correct municipality and in the elections will allow you to vote in the nearest voting center.

Once you have updated your address details, the Population Information System will forward them automatically to other public authorities, such as your local parish, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency's vehicle and driving licence register (Trafi), the Social Security Institution of Finland (Kela), the Tax Administration (Vero) and the Finnish Defence Forces (in this last case, for eventual mobilization or other defensive purposes).

In addition to public authorities, many pension institutions, banks, insurance companies, associations and other organizations, publishing houses and businesses receive information about changes of address directly from the Population Information System, says Maistraatti on its website.

Authorities and other parties who take this information into account

According to the information published by the Population Register Center, the below mentioned parties take into account the updates of permanent addresses in the customer database when conducting their operations:

Public authorities:

  • Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
  • Defence Administration
  • Department of Judicial Administration
  • Employee Funds 
  • Environmental administration
  • Finnish Customs 
  • Finnish Institute of Occupational Health 
  • Finnish Municipalities 
  • Finnish Police 
  • Finnish Tax Administration 
  • Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi
  • Keva (Ernings-related pension cover of municipal sector employees and funding)
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Fishing license register) 
  • National Institute for Health and Welfare
  • National Land Survey of Finland 
  • Parishes 
  • Regional State Administrative Agencies 
  • State Treasury 
  • Statistics Finland 
  • The Finnish Centre for Pensions 
  • The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority
  • The Finnish Immigration Service 
  • The Matriculation Examination Board
  • The National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland 
  • The Social Insurance Institution of Finland 
  • Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences

Companies and societies:

  • A. Kaakinen Oy
  • Ab Optique Oy
  • ACE Europe Group Ltd, Filial i Finland
  • Aken Optiikka Oy
  • Aktia Life Insurance Ltd
  • Aktia Pankki Oyj
  • Aktiv Kapital Ltd
  • Ålands Penningautomatförening PAF
  • Ålandsbanken Plc
  • A-katsastus Oy
  • Aleksandria Markets Oy
  • Aleksandria Pankkiiriliike Oy
  • Aleksandria Rahastoyhtiö Oy
  • Alektum Perintä Oy
  • Aller Publications Ltd
  • Anttila Oy
  • Aurum Contactor Ltd
  • Autotalo Laakkonen Oy
  • Bonnier Books Finland Oy
  • Camimax Oy
  • Charlis Europe S.A.
  • CIL Suomi Oy
  • Collector Credit Ab, filial i Finland
  • Ab Compass Card Oy
  • Consortio Fashion Group AB
  • Delta Auto Oy
  • Digi TV Plus Oy
  • Diners Club Finland, Diners Club Nordic AB:n sivuliike
  • DNA Oy
  • Egmont Kustannus Oy
  • Elkjøp Nordic AS
  • Ellos Oy Postimyynti / Redcats
  • Etelä-Pohjanmaan Keskusoptiikka
  • Fennia Group
  • Fenno Optical Oy
  • Fenno Optiikka
  • Fenno Optiikka Julkunen
  • Ferratum Finland Oy
  • Financial Insurance Company Limited, Suomen sivuliike
  • Finland’s Slot Machine Association RAY
  • Finnairin Eläkesäätiö
  • Finnish Business Polytechnic Graduates Association 
  • Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired 
  • Finnish Union of Practical Nurses, SuPer
  • Finnmatkat Oy
  • Fintoto Oy
  • Folksam Vahinkovakuutus Oy
  • Freedom Finance
  • Gothia Limited
  • Handelsbanken Rahoitus Oyj
  • Hemtex Ab
  • Henkivakuutusosakeyhtiö DUO
  • Holiday Club Resorts Oy
  • Huhtamäki Oyj:n Eläkesäätiö
  • Hämeenlinnan Näkökeskus Oy
  • If Vahinkovakuutusyhtiö Ltd
  • Ikano Bank AB, Suomen sivuliike
  • iKassa Finland Oy 
  • Ikea Oy
  • Intrum Justitia Oy 
  • ITH-International Trading House AB
  • Julkis- ja yksityisalojen toimihenkilöliitto Jyty ry
  • Julkunen Kello-Kulta-Optiikka
  • Järvenpään Silmälasi Oy
  • Kaiko Oy:n Eläkesäätiö
  • KappAhl Oy
  • Kello-Optiikka Nyyssönen Oy
  • Kemijoki Oy:n Eläkesäätiö
  • Kemin Silmälasi Oy
  • Kempeleen Näkösoppi
  • Keravan Silmäkulma Oy
  • KICKS Kosmetikkedja
  • Klarna AB
  • Klingel Suomi Ltd
  • Konto Tjänst i Sverige Ab/ Filial i Finland – Baltic Credit 
  • Kustannusosakeyhtiö Kauppalehti Oy
  • Kustannus-osakeyhtiö Kotimaa Ltd
  • Laminon Eläkesäätiö
  • Laukaan Optikko Oy
  • Lindex Oy 
  • Lindorff Oy
  • LänsiAuto Oy
  • Länsi-Uudenmaan Optiikka Oy
  • Mandatum Life
  • Marimekko Ltd
  • Marttaliitto ry (Eläkeasiarekisteri)
  • M.Broman Ab Oy
  • Metsäliiton Toimenhaltijain Eläkesäätiö
  • Motonet Oy
  • My Travel Northern Europe Ab
  • Näköduo Oy
  • Näköset Ky
  • Näkövammaisten liitto ry
  • NaturaMed Pharma AS
  • Nets Ltd
  • Niinivaaran Optiikka Oy
  • Nissan Nordic Europe
  • Nordea Bank Finland 
  • Nordnet Bank AB, Suomen sivuliike
  • Oikotie Oy
  • OK-Perintä Oy 
  • OP-Pohjola Group Central Cooperative 
  • Opti Huit Oy
  • Optiala Oy
  • Optiikka Jurvala Oy
  • Optikko Kaakinen Oy
  • Optikko Mäkelä Optila Oy
  • Optoys Oy
  • Optoys Oy
  • Otavamedia Ltd
  • Oulun Puhelin Oyj:n Eläkesäätiö
  • Outokummun Optiikka Oy
  • Oy Brillo Ab
  • Oy Hobby Hall Ab
  • Oy Suomen Viherpeukalot Ab
  • Paikallisosuuspankit
  • Parolan Näkökeskus Oy
  • Piironki Oy
  • Raahen Kulta-aika T. Järvelä Ltd
  • Rautaruukin Eläkesäätiö
  • Readers Digest
  • Resurs Bank Ab, filial i Finland
  • R-Optiikka Oy
  • Saga Vision Oy
  • Salvation Army
  • Sampo Bank 
  • Sana Pharma As
  • Sandvik A/S
  • Sanoma Learning Oy
  • Sanoma Lehtimedia Oy
  • Sanoma Magazines Finland Oy
  • Sanoma News Oy (except Helsingin Sanomat)
  • Sanoma Pro Oy
  • Sanoma Tekniikkajulkaisut Oy
  • Sanoman Eläkesäätiö
  • Sarin Optiikka Oy
  • SEB Kort Bank AB Helsinki
  • Sergel Oy
  • SF-Caravan ry
  • S-group (S-ryhmän asiakasomistaja- ja asiakasrekisteri) 
  • SOK Corporation (Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta) 
  • Someron Optiikka Oy
  • S-Pankki Oy:n asiakasrekisteri
  • Stadium AB
  • Star Eye Tt Oy
  • Stockmann Plc 
  • Suomen Asiakastieto Oy
  • Svea Perintä Oy
  • Svenska Handelsbanken
  • Sähkölähteenmäki Oy:n Eläkesäätiö
  • Säästöpankit
  • Tact Finance Oyj
  • Tallink Silja AB
  • Tapiola Bank Ltd 
  • Tapiolan Silmälasimarket Oy
  • TF Bank AB Finland
  • The Federation of Public and Private Sector Employees, Jyty
  • The Finnish Association of the Deaf 
  • The Finnish Red Cross 
  • The Finnish Social Democratic Party 
  • The Local Insurance Group
  • The Mortgage Society of Finland Group
  • Toyota Tsusho Nordic Oy
  • Trade Union Pro
  • Turun Optillinen Liike Oy
  • Työterveyslaitos (Eläkeasiarekisteri)
  • Uusi-Optiikka A. Pietilä Oy
  • Uusi-Optiikka Tapio Oy
  • Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company
  • Veho Autotalot Oy
  • Veho Group Oy
  • Veikkaus Oy
  • Veritas Henkivakuutusosakeyhtiö
  • Viestilehdet Oy
  • Volvo Car Finland Oy
  • VR Eläkesäätiö
  • VV-Auto Group Oy
  • Yves Rocher Finlande Oy

For more details you can check the website of the Population Register of Finland HERE

Why you should always notify a move in Finland