Sunday. 14.04.2024

Police in the Southwest Finland region said Wednesday that Iines Kastemaa, the 18-year-old woman who disappeared in Turku last weekend has been found alive.

However, it seems that not everything has gone well, according to the scant information released by the authorities. The police say that Iines is "fine under the circumstances" and suggests that she has been the victim of a crime.

According to police information Iines disappeared in the early hours of Saturday 7 to Sunday 8 November. The last heard of her was that she left the Turku Student Village, a residential area where thousands of Finnish and foreign students live, around 00:30 heading for the Kohmo neighborhood in the east of the city.

At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing dark blue jeans, landing boots, a pink jacket, a white wool knit sweater and a dark scarf. She was also carrying a blue shoulder bag.Iines-Kastemaa

On Sunday, police reported the young woman missing and released a photo of her. Two days later, on Tuesday, the officers in charge of the investigation still had no idea of ​​her whereabouts.

The police then issued a second statement in which they appealed to the public to provide any relevant information that could help find her.

Victim of a crime

When some already feared the worst, on Wednesday the case took a new turn. Police reported shortly after noon that Iines had been found alive and was "fine under the circumstances." However, for investigative reasons no further details would be given.

"The police have reasons to suspect that Kastemaa has been a target of crime," the statement said.

However, there were no comments on the type of crime, which is currently under investigation.

A preliminary investigation has been launched and police are still interested in any clues or relevant information that people can provide, especially about cars and people who were around 1:00 a.m. Sunday in the vicinity of the intersections of Vanha Hämeentie, Jaanintie and Kohmontie.

The police are especially requesting comments from two taxi drivers who may have information about cars and people moving through Jaanintie around 01.30.

Any sightings and other clues related to the case can be reported to the police on the phone number 050 456 2105.

What have they done to Iines?