Friday. 31.03.2023

VR cancels 62 train services due to coronavirus

The trains are cleaned daily and hygiene has been increasing.
VR train Pendolino by Rami Salle VR group

Lots of firms took a decision and closed their buildings because of coronavirus (koronavirus, in Finnish). People are starting to work from home and this is affecting every area of life. For example, right now trains have empty wagons.

“Until the government's first meeting on Thursday, we went on a roughly normal passenger level, but then on Friday there were already fewer passengers on board,” Tatu Tuominen, Vicepresident of Communications at VR said to Helsingin Sanomat.

Tuominen said also the hygiene on trains has been increased, they are cleaned daily and they have enough soap.

Services canceled

Therefore, a total of 62 long-haul and short-haul train services are cancelled between 17 and 19 March due to drivers' overtime and shift prohibition and increased absences due to coronavirus .

There are also individual cancellations for HSL commuter trains.

VR so far has no decisions on a wider reduction of train traffic.

VR cancels 62 train services due to coronavirus