Sunday. 05.02.2023

A van exploded in Järvenpää

The driver of the vehicle suffered serious injuries and was transferred to hospital.
Järvenpää's Skogsterintie, where the explosion of the vehicle occurred. Image: Google Maps.

Tuesday morning, around eight o’clock a van exploded in Järvenpää, in Skogsterintie and one person was seriously injured in the blast.

According to the Central Uusimaa Rescue Department, the explosion had occurred during the start-up phase of the vehicle. The van had caught fire.

The person in the vehicle managed to escape from the van, but with serious injuries. An ambulance transported him to the hospital for further treatment. There were no other people in the vehicle.

The van was destroyed in the fire and the fire was extinguished within about an hour of the incident.

The Central Uusimaa Rescue Department does not yet have information on the exact cause of the explosion.

A van exploded in Järvenpää