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In the unlikely event of the UK Government and the EU negotiators being unable to reach an agreement regarding the UK exiting the EU in an amicable manner prior to the withdrawal date of March 29th 2019, the terms of Article 50 state that the default would be to leave with 'No deal'.

The outcome of this would be catastrophic to both UK and EU manufacturing industries, service industries, tourism and security.

The situation also creates uncertainty for UK Citizens living, working, carrying out business and studying in the EU. The UK has advised EU citizens to register for secured status if they wish to continue to live in the UK after a 'No deal' situation and the 27 remaining EU States are each making their own arrangements regarding UK citizens.

The latest information

The latest information regarding Finland is as follows:

On the 25th January 2019, Finnish Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen proposed an new law enabling registered UK Citizens to stay in Finland until at least the end of the so called 'transition period', December 31st 2020. This new act should be approved by the Finnish Parliament before 29th March 2019.

In a statement on the 7th February Kai Mykkänen said: “All UK citizens living in Finland can continue to live, work, conduct their business and study in Finland without interruption”. In order to do this they would have to have had to be, either already registered or would need to register their right of residence with the authorities.

To clarify the situation:

Any UK citizen with a Finnish social security number, an ID card, permanent residence papers or a Kela card are already registered and need do nothing more.

Any UK Citizen without these should register, before March 29th via either or

From experience, seems simpler.

In the event of a 'No deal' scenario, any UK citizen not registered by the deadline date will have no rights to be in Finland, unless the UK and the EU can get agreement on Visa free travel. In this case, they would only be permitted to legally stay in Finland for 90 days.

It should be emphasised that neither the UK nor the EU want a 'No deal' scenario and the need for registration is merely a precaution in case the unthinkable should ensue.

Update for UK citizens in Finland