Thursday. 23.05.2024

Finland lived an unusually violent day yesterday, with two street shootings in just five hours in the center of Helsinki and in Valkeakoski, near Tampere. Both incidents left three people in hospitals with gunshot wounds.

According to the information released by the Helsinki Police department, the first of those shooting incidents occurred at the intersection of Hietalahdenkatu and Porkkalankatu, in Helsinki´s central district of Kamppi. Alarms rang around 16:00, when the police learned of a shooting that left two people injured.

Several police patrols, fire fighters and rescue services moved to the scene. Shortly after, the police reported the existence of two injured people who had been taken to hospitals and whose life was not in danger. Tranquility in the area was restored shortly after.

According to the latest data released by the Police, multiple shots were fired against three persons who were inside of a car. The third victim was right next to the others, but the bullet didn't hit him. Police said they are investigating the shooting incident "as three attempts of murder".

As a result, one 32-year-old man was later arrested in Vantaa. All of them, the victims and the suspect, were born in the 1990s, said the Police.

"The parties knew each other beforehand and this was a dispute between them. The shooting took place during peak hours in the center of Helsinki and there were many other people and cars in the area, so also posed a real danger to others", explained Jukka Larkio, Director of Investigation at the Helsinki Police Department.

Another injured in Valkeakoski

Police also reported about another shooting incident occurred the same evening in Valkeakoski, a municipality located 35 kilometers south from the city of Tampere.

According to the data published by the investigators, it happened around 21:04 and due to the incident "one person was seriously injured" and is being treated at Tampere University Hospital.

In relation to this crime, Police officers followed and arrested three suspects who had left the scene by car in the direction of Tampere

During the inquiries, a 21-year-old man from Pirkanmaa admitted that he shot a 21-year-old man from southern Finland after a brief dispute. The victim of the shooting is still in intensive care.

The other captives have been released. The unauthorized handgun used in the act is in police custody.

Police experts are investigating also this act as an attempt of murder.

Violent day in Finland: two street shootings left 3 people wounded