Thursday. 28.09.2023

Two more people have been arrested in connection to the breakage of the apartment’s window of Onni Sarmaste, the man who embarrassed the Finnish government by selling to the National Emergency Supply Center (Huoltovarmuuskeskus) useless medical supplies to fight the coronavirus in hospitals.

On Tuesday, the police reported two more arrests in southern Finland of people who are suspected of aggravated extortion.

Superintendent Markku Heinikari, from the Helsinki Police's professional crime department said in a statement:

"We announced earlier this month that we are investigating criminal damage that has come to light in connection with the National Emergency Supply Center protective equipment order. In investigating this suspected criminal damage, police became aware of factors based on which there is reason to suspect the individuals who have now been detained of aggravated extortion.”

On 14 April police reported that a stone had been thrown in through the window of a Helsinki residence on 6 April, breaking the window and that the case was being probed as suspected property damage and trespass.

Police declined to provide any further information at this stage about those in custody or about the suspected extortion.

Two more people arrested in connection with trash mask scandal