Saturday. 20.04.2024

The Finnish police have reported today an incident that took place last Friday 10 May in the evening in Espoo, where unknown people exploded firecrackers next to a mosque in the district of Lepäväärä.

A patrol of the West Uusimaa Police Department visited the scene to check the situation some time later. "No one was injured in the incident and the firecrackers did not cause any material damage", said the Police in a press release on Monday morning.

The police note also indicates that the facts have not been reported to the police, therefore they "have no more to say" about it.

The case has been published in several websites and newspapers, including Suapress and Daily Morocco, which speak about the throwing of a "sound bomb" or a "deafening grenade" and quote the Imam of the Mosque, Sheikh Abdul Hamid.

“A car stopped in front of the mosque and a deafening bomb was thrown, we saw a burst and then we heard the sound of an explosion outside the mosque before the vehicle burst”, said the imam to Daily Morocco.

"We have no idea of ​​the attacker or the attackers, and we do not have a surveillance camera because we have not yet received an authorization in this sense,” the imam added.

Firecrackers thrown on Friday evening outside a mosque in Espoo