Monday 10/25/21

Two children seriously injured in a car fire in a Prisma parking lot

According to the Police, the cause of the fire was the ignition of the tablet with which the older child was playing while the father was buying at the supermarket.


Photo: Poliisi.

Two little children were injured by burns on Wednesday morning due to a car fire. The vehicle was in a parking lot of the supermarket Prisma in the city of Kuopio (Eastern Finland) and ignited for reasons which the rescue services first reported unknown.

Later, the police published a statement and explained that the incident occurred around 8:30 in the morning when the tablet which the older child was using suddenly ignited.

As a result, both kids suffered serious injuries, including burns in their faces, and they have been taken to the hospital to receive treatment.

Police said the children had been left sitting in the back seat of the car unattended "for a moment" while the father went inside of the supermarket with the youngest of his kids.

Rescue alert

When the father came back from the shop, he noticed his car was on fire and he managed to rescue the children, who who suffer burns of various degrees.

The rescue service also received an alert before 9:00 and several rescue units moved to the place of the incident.

The fire completely destroyed the car where the children were and also spread to the adjacent car, which was severely damaged.

Police are still conducting an investigation on the cause of the ignition.