Thursday 10/28/21

Trash-masks scandal is government’s fault, say readers will ask a different question about Finland and Finnish lifestyle every Friday on its official Twitter account @foreignerfi
Government by @FinGovernment

Finland needs protective equipment, especially in hospital areas. 

The mayor of Helsinki and the director of the Helsinki-Uusimaa hospital district (HUS) warned the government about lack of equipment. The Finnish Center for Security of Supply (Huoltovarmuuskeskus, in Finnish) ordered some protective equipment from China by aircraft. However, when the first aircraft was received in Helsinki, it was found that 2 million masks did not meet the quality requirements and could not be used in hospitals.

The shipment was ordered by the Finnish Center for Security of Supply to the company 'Look Medical Care', owned by the Finnish entrepreneur Tiina Jylhä. On its website, the company based in Estonia offers sales of medical equipment to other companies. However, Jylhä assures that during the operation another businessman, Onni Sarmaste, intervened as a 'consultant'. 

Therefore, asked the readers in a Twitter poll, “Whose fault is that there is not enough protective equipment despite millions of euros have been paid?”

In the poll, the respondents were given three options which were 'Government', 'Security Supply Center' and 'Tiina Jylhä&Onni Sarmaste’.

The mini poll was answered by 50 readers and 44% of them said 'Government'. 36% voted ' Security Supply Center ' and 20% said '' Tiina Jylhä&Onni Sarmaste’'.

About the reader's comments, one reader said, "There’s fault and there’s accountability. Only the latter matters in leadership." 

Another reader wanted one another option and said, “You're missing the option ‘none of the above per se’”.

One reader also said, “China.”

Although the poll was launched in Twitter, we got also some comments from readers via Facebook:

-"Answer: all of them. Because of fishy business in first place." (FB)

-"There have been myriad failings across the globe, this is a logistic issue caused by our system not being able to adapt to changes. If one global issue causes the entire world's economy to collapse you might want to assess the foundations they were built upon, and pointing the finger like this will establish nothing to that end." (FB)

-"Counties in America and Europe need to becoming self sufficient in manufacturing. Quit relying on China!!!" (FB) is going to ask a different question about Finland every Friday on its official Twitter account