Tuesday. 20.02.2024

The police’s intensive surveillance of pre-Christmas traffic caught a total of 255 suspected drunk drivers over the course of two weekends. Of these, 94 drivers are suspected of driving while seriously intoxicated. There were 63 drug-related cases. In 2018, 252 drivers were caught in similar surveillances.

According to police information, traffic patrols breathalysed a total of 55,312 drivers. On average, every 217th driver stopped by the patrols was suspected of drunk driving.

The number of breathalyser tests proportional to the number of drunk drivers was bigger than in the previous year. A total of 76 of the stopped drivers were wanted by the police.

"Surveillance of drunk driving will continue until the end of the pre-Christmas season," says Chief Superintendent Timo Ajaste of the National Police Board.

The police ran an intensive traffic surveillance campaign over the course of two weekends, 15–17 November and 22–24 November.

255 suspected drunk drivers caught behind the wheel