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Today is the deadline to pay the back taxes

The Tax Administration remarks the possibility of requesting a payment arrangement in case of payment difficulties

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Today, Tuesday, January 22, the deadline for paying back taxes in Finland is met. That means it is also the last day for taxpayers to fix their outstanding bills and avoid an unwanted letter from the tax authorities with an additional invoice.

Those taxpayers who did not pay yet their back taxes that fell due on 3 December 2018 have been receiving digital requests for payment as a part of their summary in MyTax or by post.

MyTax is the electronic service that allows taxpayers to take care of their obligations from one single place and using their own electronic devices. Summaries of tax payment status are shown in MyTax since 1 January 2019 and they have been also sent to taxpayers by post a few days later.

The Finnish Tax Administration (Vero) published on Monday 21 through its Twitter account a reminder in Finnish language to alert taxpayers of this deadline.

“Pay the back taxes by using the payment information in the reminder. The due date is 22 January 2019 as stated on the reminder. Late-payment calculations on summaries are made with an interest period that reaches up to the next general due date”, alerts Vero in the English version of the information linked to this warning.

Interest calculator

The Tax administration recommends that “if you pay before the due date, calculate the correct amount of late-payment interest in MyTax or by using the interest calculator ( (in Finnish and Swedish). Alternatively, you can use MyTax to make your payment online. In this case, the correct amount of interest is included automatically”.

Depending on your tax debt status, you may receive payment reminders 1 to 3 times in your summaries before the Tax Administration transfers your unpaid back taxes to the enforcement office for recovery.

You will always receive a notification in your summary before the Tax Administration does that. If you encounter financial difficulties, you also have the option to ask for a payment arrangement in MyTax.

If you need to request a payment arrangement in MyTax you can do it by clicking HERE

Today is the deadline to pay the back taxes