Monday. 27.05.2024

The East Uusimaa police arrested four men in Vantaa for assaulting a house in Sipoo last Saturday.

The police suspect that the four arrested, all Georgian citizens, broke into a detached house by breaking the window while the owners were not at home and stole jewelry and other valuables.

According to police information, the suspects had left the house by car before the agents arrived.

The vehicle used by the burglars was stopped that same evening in Ilola (Vantaa) and the driver was captured, but the other three men ran to a nearby forest and managed to escape. They were arrested in a private residence in Vantaa on Sunday morning.

Jewelry thrown by the toilet

The property stolen was also found. Upon arrest, the suspects tried to make it disappear by, among other methods, flushing it down the toilet drain and by throwing it out the window.

The investigation has revealed that the suspects were Georgian citizens who had only entered the country a few days before the incident.

The Eastern Uusimaa District Court has remanded into custody the four suspects for an alleged crime of aggravated robbery.

Four men arrested for raiding a house in Sipoo