Wednesday. 17.04.2024

Police reported Wednesday that a man carrying a knife had been detained in the city of Vaasa, in the west coast of Finland.

The Ostrobothnia Police Department said around 10:00 o'clock they received through the emergency center a report about a man walking with a knife in his hand through Opistokatu towards the center of Vaasa.

Police officers reached the man at the intersection between Vaasanpuistikko and Ratakatu. The man disobeyed the police order to stop and continued to escape. The police patrol used a police dog to detain him.

Later, a video of the arrest was uploaded to the Internet and shared on Twitter. In the recording, a black man can be seen running away from the police officers. The event is celebrated with jokes and a mention to the 'Black Lives Matter' movement.

Finally, congratulations and cheers of "good dog!" for the German shepherd can be heard as it bites the detainee. 

Police said Wednesday the man was still carrying the knife at the moment of the arrest and asked citizens for reports on the incident. They said the case was investigated as an illegal threat, attempt to assault and resistance to police.

On Thursday, the same police department issued a new statement and said that some passersby who saw the man had contacted them and so far there have been no reports of threats or assaults. The police investigation continues.

Video posted in Twitter by the user Jeesus @KariMkel5

This was the detention of a man who walked with a knife in Vaasa