Tuesday. 30.05.2023

This free internet speedtest reveals your true internet connection speed in Finland

It is common to note that the download or upload speed does not work as fast as advertised. In this article, we explain how to measure it and what are the appropriate connections, for example, if you are a Netflix or YouTube user.

Photo: Nopeustesti.

Do you sometimes think that after you have signed up for new mobile or home internet provider that the internet you were sold is not working as intended? You are not alone with these questions. It is actually really common to notice that the internet (Download speed / Upload speed) is not working as advertised for customers in Finland.

For example, you could go and signup with one of the leading internet providers in Finland and buying mobile internet for your telephone. Once you start using your telephone you notice that the advertised internet speed seems to be buffering content such as YouTube videos or Netflix series.

After a while this will surely be really frustrating for the customer. The reason for your slow internet can be explained with many reasons such as too much traffic going through your device or too many people using the service at once.

The best way to troubleshoot this issue is by testing your internet speed with this completely free tool and analyzing further.

How to know how fast your internet is in Finland


Image source: Nopeustesti.

Firstly we would suggest that you would head to Nopeustesti, which means Speedtest in Finnish. Once you are at the site you will be displayed with a screen that says 'Aloita', which means to start. Just press this button once and you are ready to take the free internet test.

We do highly suggest that while doing this you would close most of the applications that would possibly use your internet. This step is recommended due to the fact that open applications or too many browser tabs can affect the result of the test.

Once you have pressed the start button the speedtest will start working immediately. It will take roughly 10 seconds to get the results. Once you have the results you can see many things such as what your ping was. Ping is used to determine how long does it take for the application or page to react once you have committed an action on that site. A normal ping is anything between one and two hundred milliseconds. If you see results above that we would suggest that you would contact your internet provider.

You will also see results about your upload and download speed. Download speed is used to measure how much data you receive each second. For example if your download speed is 10mb/s and you are downloading a 2gb movie from Netflix to your device it would roughly take 3 minutes and 20 seconds. 

If you would have speed of 100mb/s it would only take you 20 seconds to download the whole movie to your device. This is the most common metric of internet speed that people really notice.

Upload speed is measured by how much data you are able to send from your device to the server you are connected to. Upload speed is not as important as download speed since it is only used to send files to servers.

If you are constantly uploading content such as YouTube videos or trying to live stream we would highly suggest to get an internet connection of at least 20mb/s. When streaming or uploading content speeds lower than this will most likely cause issues with your internet browsing experience.

This free internet speedtest reveals your true internet connection speed in Finland