Thursday. 25.04.2024

A record amount of people interested in the profession applied for police education: there were over 5,000 applicants for police education in 2019, according to a press release published by the police.

This year, there are 400 available student places for the Bachelor of Police Services, so there are nearly 13 applicants per student place.

“This year's amount of applicants is the biggest ever for basic police education. In the last couple of years we have had about 4,000 applicants, so the increase in interest has been significant,” says Kimmo Himberg, Director of the Police University College.

“The police profession is diverse and offers various career paths. High-school graduates as well as people who have completed a university degree are starting their studies at the Police University College. In cooperation with the police departments, we have successfully spread the message at various fairs and during many school and garrison visits. Police University College's own social media channels offer a lot of information and impressions from the campus.”

A three years program

The Bachelor of Police Services studies last around three years, and it qualifies a person to the positions of police officer, such as a Senior Constable. Completion of the degree qualifies officers to conduct criminal investigations and to work in surveillance and emergency response operations.

The Police University College is not part of the joint application procedure, instead, there are four application periods per year. This year, almost 300 students have enrolled in the Bachelor of Police Services education, and this year's last group of students will be known in September.

The statistics of the amount of applicants are compiled by starting year, not by calendar year.

For more information in English about police education and requirements, click HERE

Thirteen applicants for each place of police education