Thursday. 09.02.2023

The victim of the attack at Kuopio College is a young Ukrainian girl

The suspect has been interrogated by the police and will be put in custody for murder and several attempted murders.
Victim-candle-light by Pixabay.

The victim of the attack perpetrated on Tuesday in Savo Vocational College is a young Ukrainian-born girl, according to the Finnish Broadcasting Service (Yle), who assures that this information has been also confirmed by the Ukrainian Embassy.

The violent incident occurred shortly after noon in the premises of the school, which are located in the second floor of the shopping mall Herman, in the eastern city of Kuopio. A 25-year-old student, Joel Otto Aukusti Marin, broke into the classroom armed with a saber-shaped weapon (sword) and a firearm and attacked the people who were there.

The National Bureau of Investigation (Keskusrikospoliisi) issued a statement today informing that the alleged perpetrator of the crime has been questioned by the police and will be put in custody for murder and nine attempted murders.

"The suspect has reported on Tuesday's events, but the content of the hearing cannot be disclosed for investigative reasons. The suspect will be interrogated several more times", informed Olli Töyräs, Director of Investigation at the National Bureau of Investigation.

However, investigators did not confirm the victim's nationality in their release, because "the police 's own formal verification procedures are still ongoing", they said. The arrest claim will be heard in the Northern Savonia District Court on Friday 4 October.

Lived with her partner in Kuopio

The Ukranian victim was one of the students of Savo Vocational College, which is located in the eastern city of Kuopio, where she lived with her partner. The attack caused injuries to other 10 people including the suspect, who was shot twice by the police.

Antti Hedman, Chief Medical Officer at Kuopio University Hospital  informed that the victims are between 15 and 50 years old. Seven of them are women suffering cuts that were made while trying to defend themselves from the attacker. At least one of the persons injured is a member of the school staff.

The motive for the attack remains as one of the unknowns of this case. It is also unknown if the attacker and the victim knew each other or had any kind of relation outside of school.

Police are still requesting eyewitnesses to provide any information, clues, photos or videos of the incident that might be relevant for the investigation. Any materials related to the case can be sent to Keskusrikospoliisi WhatsApp account at 050 306 8875 or emailed to [email protected]

The victim of the attack at Kuopio College is a young Ukrainian girl