Tuesday. 28.05.2024

The police of Oulu is searching for a person suspected of wounding a man today with a firearm.

At 11:27 am, the Emergency Center received a call informing that a man had been shot in Oulu at the area of Puolivälinkangas. According to a press release published by the Police, the announcement was made by another person to whom the victim had told the incident.

As a result of the announcement, several police patrols went to the area and they found in the scene a man with gunshot wounds on the upper part of his body. The victim was sent immediately for medical treatment. By now, the police has not informed about the severity of his injuries.

At the moment the police still do not know if there were more people involved in the shooting or if anyone else's security was put at risk during the incident.

However, the Twitter account of the Oulu Police informed that they suspect who may be behind the shootings: "The suspect is known to the police and is searched by several police patrols".

As a precautionary measure, the police isolated and secured the whole area and asked the students and staff of the nearby Paulaharju School to lock themselves and stay inside until the situation was over. However, they informed via Twitter that the incident had nothing to do with the school and this was just "a precautionary measure".

The school doors opened again at 12:55 pm.

The motive for the shooting remains also unknown. The police has asked citizens to report to the Emergency Center if they know any relevant details related to this case.

The police are looking for the perpetrator of the shooting that wounded a man in Oulu