Wednesday. 29.03.2023

Suspect in the latest stabbing in Helsinki surrenders to police

The suspect has been placed under arrest for an alleged attempted manslaughter
Photo: Helsinki police/File photo.

The man wanted by the police as a suspect in the stabbing case recorded last weekend in Helsinki has turned himself in to the police and has been placed under arrest.

According to a police statement issued on Thursday, the suspect was identified on Wednesday thanks to the clues provided by the public.

The day before, the police had released two images of the man taken by surveillance cameras and had requested citizen collaboration to identify him.

Police have not provided any new details about the suspect or the events.

According to previous police information, the events occurred in the Kaivokatu street, in downtown Helsinki, in the early hours of Saturday to Sunday.

The emergency center received a call around 1:30 am that warned of a violent event that involved two groups of people.

In the end, two men attacked one who was stabbed, police previously said.

Life-threatening injuries

The victim, who sustained a life-threatening injury, was taken to hospital. The police classified the crime as attempted manslaughter.

According to the police, the investigators have received several hints from eyewitnesses, which helped to identify the suspect.

The police say they are grateful for the collaboration of the public to clarify the events.

Suspect in the latest stabbing in Helsinki surrenders to police