Wednesday. 29.03.2023

Shops encourage to spend tax returns

Some stores try to increase their sales thanks to 1.7 million taxpayers who will receive 806 million euros in refunds on 6 August.

Kultajousi-jewelry-discount-tax-return-campaign-sales-discounts by
Showcase of a store in a well-known commercial center of Vantaa. Photo: ©

Hundreds of thousands of Finnish taxpayers will receive this week in their bank accounts the money corresponding to their tax returns.

Finland's tax authority (Vero) informed that 806 million euros in tax returns will be paid back to 1.7 million tax payers on 6 August.

Until now, these refunds were made in December, which encouraged consumption and shopping at Christmas time.

As it is impossible to celebrate Christmas in August, some stores have launched special discount campaigns to encourage spending those additional euros that -at least for a few days- will bring joy to so many pockets.

In the image above can be appreciated the discount campaign launched by the Kultajousi jewelry store chain. They offer discounts of 24% between July 31 and August 11. And the claim for consumers in this campaign is 'Veronpalautuspäivät', which can be translated as 'Tax return days'.

This will not be the last tax refund this fall. On September 4, other 1.300 million euros will be returned to taxpayers by Vero.

The time and the sales results will tell if, in the future, these autumn dates become also common days for special offers and discount campaigns.

Shops encourage to spend tax returns