Wednesday 9/22/21

Small child assaulted in Helsinki

It happened nearly a couple of weeks ago. The police are waiting for a doctor's assessment.
Photo: stock photo from Pixabay.

Police are investigating a suspected violent crime committed against a child in East Helsinki.

The victim is a baby younger than a year-old and the case came to the attention of the police a couple of weeks ago through a notification to the child protection services.

According to police information, the case is being investigated as a possible case of assault and abandonment. However, police says criminal titles may become more precise as the investigation progresses.

Director of Investigation, Crime Commissioner Jutta Antikainen from Helsinki police said, “The investigation is ongoing and the police are waiting for a doctor's opinion, among the other things.”

When the police become aware of criminal action against a child, they work closely with other authorities. 

The police said, “The most important thing is that the matter has been brought to the attention of the authorities. We urge anyone who is concerned about the well-being of a loved one, especially a child, to contact the authorities. Suspected crimes should be reported to the police immediately. In this kind of situations, the notification should be made to the emergency number 112. The child protection notification can and should be made already at the stage when there is concern about the family's situation.”

Police did not comment on the details of this particular case.

“As has been said, the case is still being substantially investigated. In addition, we want to protect the privacy of the victim, in this case, a small child,” explained Antikainen.

The assault occurred nearly a couple of weeks ago in East Helsinki.