Wednesday. 29.11.2023

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin made headlines in the national press this weekend for an issue that has little or nothing to do with her political decisions. 

Lately, Marin barely leaves one controversy to enter another. On Friday, while she was still under fire and with opposition parties accusing her of lying over her statements about the usefulness of wearing masks to combat the coronavirus, her cleavage sparked other heated discussions that spread over the weekend.

On social media, and particularly on Facebook and Twitter, there has been a bitter discussion surrounding her decision to pose for Trendi Magazine in an elegant pantsuit and jacket, no shirt or bra, and with a generous neckline adorned with a striking pendant from the Finnish brand Kalevala Koru.

Conflicting opinions

The photo was taken in the courtyard of the prime minister's official residence (Kesäranta).

Some Finns considered the picture inappropriate for a head of government in office, while her followers have backed and even imitated her, posting similar photos of themselves during Saturday.

Many articles have also been published by Finnish tabloids on the issue, most of them to defend the prime minister's behavior and expressing admiration for her "beauty", "strength" and "independence." 

There were those who dared to say that Marin is the most beautiful prime minister in the world.

The photo that has raised so much passion was taken by Jonas Lundqvist.

The reactions on Twitter


As stated above, some of the Prime Minister's followers could not help but imitate her and try to pose in a similar way, with different levels of success, depending on the case.


Finally, some Finns could not avoid making comparisons.

Sanna Marin's cleavage divides Finnish public opinion