Thursday. 28.09.2023

The Government Communications Department has released the Christmas message from Prime Minister Sanna Marin, who this year encourages Finnish residents to spend Christmas with the closest people.

The head of the government reminds everyone that the Covid-19 epidemic is still present in our lives and will "inevitably affect" the Christmas and New Year holidays. Therefore, she says it is important to follow the recommendations of the health authorities.

Marin says the country is still immersed in the crisis and the end of the tunnel is still "a long way away". But she also uses a metaphor to imply that the worst is over and that we are heading towards brighter times:

"The shortest day of the year is already behind us. That gives us hope."

Finally, the prime minister points out that Christmas may look different this year, but it will still come. And she encourages the residents of Finland to take care of each other in these difficult times.

Read below Sanna Marin's full address to the nation:


"The smaller you are, the bigger Christmas is." This quote from Tove Jansson inevitably comes to mind this year as we near Christmas. At times during the past year, many of us have felt very small. We have not been able to choose the situation we are in, and at this time last year, we did not yet know that the global Covid-19 pandemic would put our everyday lives on hold as it has.

Covid-19 will inevitably affect the Christmas and New Year holidays for every one of us. It is important that we all continue to follow the recommendations and guidelines in place in order to curb the epidemic. Through our actions, each of us can have an impact on what the next few months will look like.

We are still living in the midst of the crisis, and the end of the journey seems a long way away, but we are still moving towards brighter times. The shortest day of the year is already behind us. That gives us hope.

This year, we should spend Christmas with the people closest to us. Fortunately, we can also keep in touch with the loved ones we may not be able to meet with face-to-face. We can be close to one another even if we are not physically together. Let’s bring joy to one another through small actions: a Christmas greeting, a phone call or an invitation to get together online.

Our Christmas traditions may look different this year, but Christmas will still come. Christmas is a time for caring and for paying attention to others. Let’s take care of each other.

I wish everyone a safe and merry Christmas!

Marin’s Christmas message: "We are still in the midst of the crisis"