Tuesday. 26.09.2023

The prices of used houses continue to rise throughout Finland, especially in the Helsinki metropolitan area and in Tampere, compared with a year ago.

According to Statistics Finland's preliminary data, in October prices of old dwellings in housing companies rose by 4.1% in Greater Helsinki and by 1.4% in the rest of Finland year-over-year. Compared to September, prices remained unchanged.

Prices-old-dwellingsSource: Statistics Finland.

In particular, among large cities, prices increased compared to the previous year in Tampere (8%), Helsinki (5.4%) and Espoo (2.6%). In Vantaa the increase was much lower (0.7%).

Prices fell in Northern Finland

There are, however, some important exceptions to the general price increase: compared with last year's October, prices fell in Oulu (-5.3%) and Turku (-1%), where the price per square meter is about half that in Helsinki.

Compared with the corresponding period of last year, prices rose in Southern, Eastern and Western Finland and fell in Northern Finland.

In transactions made through real estate agents, the average selling time (transaction time) of a dwelling in a block of flats sold in October was 51 days in Helsinki, 61 days in Tampere and 67 days in Turku.

Prices of existing homes keep rising in Helsinki, fell in Oulu, Turku