Monday. 04.03.2024

Now that a new school year has started, the Helsinki Police Department will conduct special operations to intensely monitor the consumption of intoxicants by young people in the entire capital region. Special operations will be carried out during the next two weekends to prevent crime and disruptions, the police said in a press release.

The special operations will particularly focus on places where young people potentially meet each other, such as the centre of Helsinki, parks, beaches and outdoor areas of daycare centres and schools.

Police officers will work on these tasks together with Helsinki youth workers and other volunteers.

Recent complaints

Police say they have recently received many reports "concerning disturbingly loud music and related disruptions in public areas." They say they will also intervene actively in noise-related disruptions.

“Young people will be fined if they have any alcohol in their possession, and we will also notify their guardians and child welfare services. The police will confiscate and discard any alcohol held by minors. If the police discovers any alcohol in the possession of children under 15, or if they are found to be intoxicated, they will be handed over to their parents or social services”, says Katja Nissinen, Chief Inspector at the Helsinki Police Department.

Parents are responsible

However, the police hopes that parents would agree upon a common set of rules with their children beforehand. They say parents have the primary responsibility for their children.

The police advises children and young people to immediately seek help if anything unfortunate takes place while celebrating. Help is available on the spot from police patrols and youth workers or by calling general emergency number 112.

Police to monitor parks and beaches in search of young drug users