Tuesday. 20.02.2024

If you are going to drive a long way home, better drink water.

Next week will see the return home of tens of thousands of Finns from their places of rest and vacations. For this reason, the Finnish Police are to intensify the control of drunk driving between Monday 2 and Sunday 8 August throughout the entire country.

The special operation was announced through a statement by the National Police Board of Finland, which advises that the traffic will be monitored "especially in areas where there are holiday homes."

Next week will see the return home of tens of thousands of Finns from their places of leisure and vacation.

According to police information, more than a third of fatal accidents occur in June-August. A typical accident resulting in personal injury or fatality during the summer months involves swerving off of the road at high speed outside built-up areas.

"During the summer, we see an increase in driving under the influence of alcohol, driving at excessive speed and similar incidents that seriously impair safety on the roads. Alcohol-related accidents tend to occur during the first hours of Saturdays and Sundays in July and August, weekend nights and the early hours are times of high accident rates," reports Superintendent Heikki Ihalainen from the National Police Board.

Also in minor roads, waterways

"Intoxicants greatly impair driving ability and so we want to keep them off the roads," the police added.

The Police will now particularly step up checking the state of drivers also on minor roads outside built-up areas and controls will also be carried out on waterways.

Police believe that during the coronavirus period "lighter" traffic controls can be carried out easily in areas where there are vacation homes.

Police to intensify control of drunk driving throughout Finland