Tuesday. 30.05.2023

Police shot and killed three wild boars in Helsinki

According to the police, the mother behaved threateningly with passersby. However, they did not tell why they killed the piglet.

Wild boars
Wild boars - Image: CrizzlDizzl/Pixabay.

Helsinki police killed three wild boars in the capital city.

According to police information, officers received the first report of a wild boar sighting on Monday night before 22:00. Later, they got several other reports of three wild boars in the area.

The night before Tuesday, police shot two wild boars in Käpylä, Helsinki, but the third animal was not immediately found

According to police, the mother and a piglet were killed in Käpylä because the mother had behaved threateningly with passersby.

Later, Helsinki police told in Twitter that a third ferocious wild boar had been killed north of Tapanila station after it reached the train tracks. Prior to this, the police had received several reports of the animal from the Oulunkylä, Malmi and Tapanila areas.

Commissioner Tuukka Skottman from the Helsinki Police Department said that the animals killed in Käpylä were the dam and the piglet. He told STT that he did not remember having encountered a similar case before.

Skottman said wild boars are normally calm and dodge humans. However, the mother was able to defend her piglet and therefore behaved aggressively.

Police shot and killed three wild boars in Helsinki