Thursday. 20.06.2024

The Lapland region police department have ruled out a terrorist motive behind the attack perpetrated on Tuesday with a low-power bomb that exploded under a Border Guard's vehicle in the municipality of Tornio, near the Swedish border.

According to police information, the blast did not cause any personal injuries.

The target of the attack was a blue Volkswagen Transporter van rented for use by the Border Guard. The vehicle, which did not have any official Border Guard insignia, was parked near a residential area on Aarnintie street. The van was damaged in the explosion, which occurred after midnight, around 00:50.

"At the moment, there does not seem to be a terrorist motive involved. The investigation has progressed but is still in its early stage," the release says.

Seeking 5 people

Lapland police say they have received lots of clues and accounts regarding the incident, which are being "very actively" investigated. However, it is not enough.

Investigators are still searching for several people seen near the scene on the night of the blast: the drivers of a small red passenger and a moped, three men walking from Aarnintie to Thurevikinkatu, and two other men in black and white hooded sweatshirts, who were going from Länsipohjankatu in the direction to Miukki.

The police have once again requested the collaboration of possible witnesses.

Police rule out terrorist motive in Tornio bomb attack