Tuesday. 25.06.2024

The police have changed the line of investigation around the event that occurred on Sunday in the municipality of Parainen, near Turku, in which a woman was allegedly assaulted by a stranger who dragged her into the forest.

On Monday, after 11:30 in the morning, the Southwest Finland Police Department issued a press release reporting of an alleged attempted rape and robbery. The police accompanied the note with an image of the suspect.

But a little after 16:00, a new police statement explained that the investigation has "progressed" and "there is no longer any reason" to suspect that the suspect tried to rape the victim.

Now, the investigation continues as a robbery case.

More information

The police also say they have more information about the suspect's physical appearance.

In addition to the already known characteristics -20-30 years old, with dark hair and brown eyes- the investigators say that the man had a "thin beard" of a color somewhat lighter than his hair. He was also wearing a baseball cap.

Police now say there is no longer any reason to suspect attempted rape