Sunday. 19.05.2024

Milla Aaronen, the 21-year-old girl from Somero (western Finland) who was reported missing on 11 June was probably murdered. That is what the police believe. Investigators have just changed the title of the crime in this case, previously reported as a homicide.

The National Bureau of Investigation (Keskusrikospoliisi), which is in charge of the investigation, informed today that Milla's body has not yet been found. She was seen last time on 8 June in Somero at her home's yard, in the town center. A man born in 1995 was arrested in late August on suspicion of killing her.

Detective chief inspector Jarkko Toivonen explained that, based on the information collected during pre-trial investigation, police have come to the conclusion that the crime needed planning and reflection. "Therefore, its title changed from homicide to murder", he explained.

Police experts also discovered that the suspect used the victim's personal information and online banking credentials to obtain instant loans.

The case will remain at least other two months  under investigation and the deadline for prosecuting has been postponed to 9 January 2020.

Where is Milla's body?

At this stage, the big unanswered question is where is Milla's body. In view of the police statement, it does not seem that the suspect has confessed or that the investigators have a clear idea of ​​the whereabouts of the murdered girl.

Police are still asking for any clues or findings that might be related to the crime. Specifically, they are trying to track the movements in the Somerniemi and Oinasjärvi areas of the car in which Milla may have been at the time of the disappearance, a silver-gray Volvo V70 with CZN-808 plates.

"Police are still conducting searches in Somero and in the surrounding areas. In addition, we will continue the technical investigation and interrogation", inspector Toivonen said.

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Police investigate the disappearance of Milla Aaronen as murder