Saturday. 01.04.2023

Police found the missing woman in Oulu dead

Riitta Kokkoniemi's body was found near the sea shore on 31 August.

Photo: Oulu Police.

Finally the worst fears were fulfilled.

Riitta Kokkoniemi, the woman from Oulu who was reported missing on 13 August, was found dead not far from the place where she had disappeared.

The deceased was seen alive last time on Monday 12 August in an apartment in Tuirantie. The investigators believed she probably left the place by bicycle.

Three days later, the police published a photo of Riitta and requested observations or clues about her whereabouts and the bicycle she was using at the time of her disappearance. Even so, it took more than two weeks to find her.

The Oulu Police office informed today that on Saturday evening 31 August they were notified about a body found in Hietasaari, in the terrain near the sea shore.

The victim was provisionally identified as Riitta Kokkoniemi. Her bicycle was also found in the nearby.

According to the police, the cause of Riitta's death is still under investigation. However, the police informed the case is not suspected to be a crime.

Police found the missing woman in Oulu dead