Friday. 24.05.2024

Helsinki police reported on Friday the discovery of "parts of a human body" in an unspecified place in the capital city, on the seashore.

As is usual in Finland with any controversial topic, the official press release raises more questions than certainties.

The police do not provide any details about the case; they only confirm that the remains were found on Thursday 6 August and that the finding is related to a murder case which is currently under investigation.

The victim is an adult man and everything indicates that he was dismembered by his murderers.

The MTV Uutiset news portal said that the remains discovered in Finland are of two loose feet, which were found on the seashore in Kyläsaari beach.

Two days ago, the Helsinki police said in another press release that they were investigating a murder case. At that time, Police used the Finnish term paloittelusurma to describe the crime, which could be translated as murder by "dismemberment" or "mutilation".

12 suspects to prison

To date, 12 people (10 men and 2 women) have been arrested in connection with the events, which occurred on Wednesday 29 July. The oldest of them is 46 years old and the youngest is 22 years old. Their identities have been circulating for days in some Finnish internet forums.

According to Lännen Media, the cruel murder would had been triggered by a dispute over drug debts.

All suspects have been imprisoned by order of the Helsinki District Court.

"At this stage of the investigation, it is still too early to comment on the motive or circumstances of the act. The police will continue interrogations and other investigative measures," Crime Commissioner Juhani Vuorisalo said on Wednesday.

Helsinki police find human body parts linked to murder by mutilation