Tuesday. 20.02.2024

Police arrest Iraqi woman suspected of fraud and forgery

The arrest is related to the investigation of the case in which the European Court of Human Rights ruled against Finland. The plaintiff said her father was sent back to Iraq and killed, but the National Bureau of Investigation think the documents presented were forged and the man is still alive.

Police by Helsingin poliisi
Photo: Helsingin poliisi

The Central Criminal Police is demanding the arrest of a woman born in 1996 in a case concerning Finland.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled in November 2019 that Finland violated articles 2 and 3 of the Convention of Human Rights regarding the case of an asylum seeker which was sent back to Iraq after being rejected by Migri. The court ruled for the first time that the state of Finland had violated someone's human rights and the state had to pay 20,000 euros to the victim's daughter for damages and other 4,500 euros for costs and expenses.

The suspected woman complained to the ECHR about her father’s case. The Finnish National Bureau of Investigation (Keskusrikospoliisi, KRP) suspects the documents that led to the decision to be made have been forged and that the asylum seeker is still alive.

The Iraqi man's daughter is suspected of fraud and forgery in connection with the ECHR proceedings. Police said a woman is arrested on suspicion of these acts on probable grounds.

The detention trial will be held on Friday in the Länsi-Uusimaa District Court.

Suspects will increase

According to the police, the number of suspects will increase during the pre-trial investigation.

Police Commissioner Jan Aarnisalo, from KRP, said, “I can already say that there will be even more suspects. I will not go into more detail.”

The police have established cooperation with the Attorney General's office in order to continue investigating.

The case caused a major commotion in Finland and the government even temporarily suspended deportations of Iraqis whose residence permit applications had been rejected.

Police arrest Iraqi woman suspected of fraud and forgery